About us


The Coalition for Effective Copyright is a group of stakeholders from publishing, music, filmmaking and other creative sectors, who have come together in opposition to the Copyright Amendment Bill.

The Coalition believes that copyright amendment is necessary, but that the current Bill stands to hurt the very creators it aims to protect. The current Bill also stands to destroy creative industries, and would greatly reduce the incentive for creating original works, which will have a recolonising effect on South Africa’s education and culture.

We believe the Bill was poorly drafted and the authors of the Bill have a bias towards certain tech giants who have been listened to ahead of local legal experts and affected industries, throughout the passage of the Bill through Parliament.

The Bill has now been passed by both the National Assembly and the NCOP and it is up to President Ramaphosa to sign it into law or send it back to Parliament for further review. We are imploring the President to listen to the many voices that oppose the Bill and to send it back!

The Coalition for Effective Copyright comprises:

  • The Music Publishers Association of South Africa (MPASA)
  • The Independent Black Filmmakers Collective
  • The Publishers Association of South Africa (PASA)
  • Academic and Non-Fiction Authors of South Africa (ANFASA)
  • Printing SA (PIFSA)
  • Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA)
  • RiSA Audio Visual (RAV);
  • Dramatic, Artistic, Literary Rights Organisation (DALRO)
  • Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA)
  • The Writers Guild of South Africa (WGSA)
  • Animation South Africa (ASA)
  • Audio Militia
  • Trade Union for Musicians of South Africa (TUMSA)
  • SACPU (South African Creative Practitioners in Unity)